Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adoption Seminar

Today, we went to the all day seminar where we heard from different people all representing different aspects of the adoption process.  We heard from a few birth mothers, adoptees and adoptive parents.  Some of the stories they tell you are so scary, like the birthmother deciding at the last minute they want to keep the baby, and stories from birthmothers that they completely regret placing their baby for adoption.  And, on  the flip side, we heard some really great stories.  One lady was pregnant with her 6th baby and decided she could not raise the child, so she decided on adoption.  We heard from two couples who had recently been placed and they had their miracle babies with them!  They had some good stories and tips and helpful hints for us, like what to expect when you visit the hospital after the baby is born.  How to prepare for the upcoming blessed event, and other tid bits we may need.  By the way, I think we will get a car seat as soon as we are chosen so we will have enough time to figure it out!  We heard both couples complain about putting in the car seat!  Guess I'm going to have to talk Dean into getting me a new car sooner, huh?

Here we are at the agency. 

There were 7 couples at the agency for the seminar today, and there are currently 8 couples currently waiting.  We have set up our next meeting, the individual interviews, in a few weeks and we have set up a time for the home visit in October.  Once that is finished and our book is complete, we will be ready to be selected!  Such an exciting and scary time!  Here's to HOPE!!!