Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Promise I made...

A long time ago, in a land far away (Colorado, I am from and now live in Texas, but once lived in Colorado), I had a dear sweet friend.  She and I had lots in common, and we did several things together.  Most important, we both loved Halloween and we loved Scrapbooking.  I'm bringing this up now because this dear friend of mine past away a little over a year ago, and since I moved away from Colorado, I've always missed her most around Halloween.  So, on to the promise I made, well we both made.  When we were scrapbooking together, we didn't have children, and she was single, and I'd already finished my wedding album, so at the time, that's about all there was for scrapbooking supplies, babies and weddings.  We were getting frustrated and started looking around for scrpabook page ideas online and we came across a HORRIBLE scrapbook page, well, the title was bad.  We both vowed we would NEVER do a scrapbook page entitled...  "Pickin Punkies!!!"  :)  Google it, apparently its a common phrase!  ARGH!!! Oh, btw, the other layout we promised to NEVER do is "Cute as a Button" with buttons all over the page.  Seriously, I WILL NEVER DO THAT!

Okay, so guess what, we went "pickin punkies" for Halloween.  It was a crazy afternoon.  First of all, I picked Jake up from Day care and apparently, he had had only ONE nap all day, and it was only about an HOUR long.  And, he had a dirty diaper AND I wanted to change his shirt, and for about 15 minutes he did nothing buy SCREAM because he didn't want his diaper OR his clothes changed.  Very traumatic. Then, he fell asleep in the 10 minute drive to the little pumpkin patch in downtown Humble, and just would NOT wake up, until he saw where he was and there were people there, then he WOKE UP and smile cute for the camera!!!

This was the first pictures we took, look how happy he is!!

This one, he was banging on the pumpkin, such a cutie!!

LOVE this one!  Just too cute!

In a little red wagon ready to buy a pumpkin.  I did get a little one just for him.
I will get more pictures, of course, and upload after Halloween!

So, here's to you, dear Sweet Eriika!  I will not now or ever use Pickin Punkies as a scrapbook layout title, OR even a blog title!  Love you, miss you, and Happy Halloween!!!

And, here's what we did with those pumpkins!!!

This is the big one, yes, I really did that from that pumpkin!!

And, here's Jake's pumpkin!  He had the guts everywhere!  And had fun doing it


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And, October makes 10

Jake turned 10 months years old (as his Daddy likes to say) this month.  It's kinda nice he is the month number age in months!  :)  Anyway, now that he can crawl and roll and move around, it's like nailing Jell-O to the wall!  Here's our attempt.  Thanks, Linda for your help!

This was the 1st one, it's alright, but I thought we could do better.  I was wrong...

There he goes....

Linda trying to help set him up, didn't work!

and, one more try!

And, then one last decent one.  I guess the days when he sits still on the couch and doesn't try to nose dive off the side are now over.  :)  LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY!

Happy 10 months Jake!  Can't wait to see what you do next!