Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Hunting!!!

This year again, we went to our local small pumpkin patch, in Downtown Humble at the Methodist Church.  It's a nice small little patch, and it's 5 minutes from our home, instead of an hour drive to a big awesome pumpkin patch, which we simply did NOT have time to do this year.  Maybe next year we will venture to a big place that has petting zoos etc., but for now, our little patch will do just fine! 

Last year by some miracle of the pumpkins, I got an AWESOME pumpkin picture of Jake.  This year, since he is a toddler, and MOVES and will NOT look at me when I have the camera, not for Anything, I wasn't so lucky.  But, him being such a cutie pie, I did manage to get a pretty good "money shot".

Hey, he's both LOOKING at me and SMILING!  So, not bad!
He loves to point out body parts - nose, eyes, ears, mouth, elbow, etc. 
He was pointing out the cat's Nose!

My Super Hero Pumpkin Hunters!
As you can see, we had fun, and a pretty good picture to boot!  I can't wait to carve the two pumpkins I have!  Jake decorated his small pumpkin this weekend for school!  I will share those pictures soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Growing Boy and other things...

So, I've made Jake a costume, it's really cuted!  Jake is going to be, well, JAKE from Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  LOVE THIS CARTOON!!!

Just a hint as to what we will look like this Halloween!

Anyway, I can't wait!!!  Except, for one thing.  I made these really cute "boot covers" to make Jake's Ropers look like pirate boots.  Well, he has grown out of them THIS WEEK!  Oh well.  We will make do with some other Brown shoes!

Halloween is less than a week away!  And, I've had a bit of fun with my nails!  YEY!

Candy Corn nails with Matte About You top coat from Essie!  Sweet!!
Frankenstein!  What fun!  My ring finger got messed up so i'm doing it again, so Mr. Thumb is hiding him for me. :)
What are YOU going to be for Halloween???