Friday, January 30, 2015

Out with 2014 IN with 2015

First, let's do some Christmas Posting!  YEY!  We had a nice Christmas, Hermy kept us busy, and we enjoyed Dean getting up after all this time.

Silly Hermy

Jake discovered his love for Legos, and Hermy is just too fun!

Captain Her-merica and ROCKIN JAKE at Chuck E. Cheese

Dec 14, Dean gets up for the first time since July!

Happy 4th Birthday Jake! 
Buddy in front of the Tree!


Jake got a Bike from Santa Claus and Daddy helping him ride!

We had a very low key vacation this years since we couldn't travel to the Ranch.  We all missed going down there, and hope to get there soon.  We didn't do much for New Years Eve but we watched the Dick Clark's Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest, then we had to try to keep Buddy calm from 8pm until about 1am with all the fireworks.  HE HATES FIREWORKS!

Here's to a happy and prosperous new year!  2014 was a difficult year, especially the last half which you all know and followed me thru all the crazy posts, some I barely believe happened!


My baby boy is growing up!  He is so smart, funny, and a joy to be around (well 90% of the time anyway).  Since we had so much going on last month with Dean coming home right before Thanksgiving, we did an "easy way" out.  We went to ...

Chuck E. Cheese!!!

It was really quite a good time!  There are something like 10 tables the length of the party area, and each kid gets one table length.  Each table ate at then same time.  Then had the birthday song sung and candles blown out at the same time while Chuck was walking around. IT WAS GREAT!  Caos! But GREAT!

I made a Captain America cake, and the two tables next to us were spider man and Batman theme, so we were the super hero section!

Jake also got to do the ticket booth, where you stand in the booth and tickets and ticket vouchers fly around you.  It was loud so he didn't do it for the whole 30 seconds, he only grabbed 4 or so tickets.  HOWEVER, the 100 ticket voucher landed on his head!  But, he looked down and it fell of.  Really funny.

Before the storm!!

Jake playing GAMES!

Jake and Anna riding the helicopter!

Jasmine beating Jake at air hockey, these kids are GOOD at this!

Party time!

Jake smiling for the camera, not mine, someone else's, probably Nonnie's. :)

ROCKIN with Chuck!

Birthday medal time!


This says it all, he LOVES Chuck!

Thumbs Up!

THIS is some Yummy Cake

SKEEBALL!  He is really starting to get good at this too!  
He won just as many tickets as I did!

This is the best pic we got of Jake and Liam :)
I'm not sure what Jake is doing, Strike a POSE!

Nonnie gave him some LEGOS!

Happy 4th Birthday Jake!
We Love you!!!