Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day - Sick!!!

So, Jake decided that after his ear infection the first week of Feburary cleared up, he was going to get another one that was worse the following weekend!  Yes, the weekend of my birthday AND before Valentine's day!  Jake had a fever all weekend and well, that mean no daycare for him on Monday.  He had one on Monday as well (and ironically, so did Dean!!), so he couldn't go on Tuesday, which was Valentine's Day!!  BOO!  I was so sad he had to miss his Valentine's party at Day care!  But, the bonus was I got to spend V-day with my two dudes, as they were BOTH feeling better by then! :)

Anyway, his daycare had a Valentine's box decorating contest (per room) so, being the crafty person I am, took this on as a Challenge!  I did an awesome and beautiful box for him, whacha think?

Now, I know that these kids (between 10 and 18 months roughly) will NOT be doing the boxes themselves, so I went ahead just did my thing.  Then, I thought it would be fun to have Jake do some "accents" with the red paint to ya know, add his personal touch! 

Yeah, it's AWESOME, you can say it! 
Oh, and yes, we did win the contest in his room, well tied for first, but its still a WIN!

Hope you had a Great Valentine's Day!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Scrapbooking - I LOVE IT!

Had a chance to go to a scrapbooking retreat with awesome friends and my mother a few weekends ago!  SOOOO much fun!  Total Nonstop Scrapbooking from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon!  AWESOME!

And, I got to use my awesome new Cricut Expression 2!!!  And, wow!  Inever understood what the big deal was about Cricut Craft Room, but wow-wee!  AWESOME!  I will find it hard to not use it when I can't access the internet. (

And, here are some layouts I finished...

I got 48 layouts finished at the retreat!  It was Really Awesome!