Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let the Planning Begin!

So, after a rocky 2014, we have made a decision for this year, and we hope all works out.  Our decision - Take Jake to Walt Disney World the 1st week of December for his Birthday!  And, as the Holiday season will be in full force, we will also get to see all the Great Christmas stuff in WDW I've always wanted to see!

So, it's only February, why are we planning already and have since January?  Because you MUST!  That's why!  There's a bunch to consider, a bunch to plan, and a bunch to get all worked up about.  I'm trying to find that balance of having fun planning and knowing that not all plans will work, but some unexpected things will happen, both good and bad!  We have already picked the dates and will be staying at 1 of 2 resorts depending on availability, so it's time to gather information.

I have started off with making my WDW Planner, that will double after the trip for Jake's very own scrapbook of the trip.  I wanted to have something simple, that looked good and that I could easily customize, so I did what I thought and swore I'd never do.  I bought an 8 1/2 x 11 3 ring binder scrapbook - a SN@P! album from Simple Stories.  I am a CM scrapbook girl, and I was highly disappointed about all the changes CM / Ahni to Zoe did this last year, making it really hard to get the one album type that I LOVE.  I HATE POST BOUND AND 3 RING BINDERS for Scrapbooks!  YUCK!  But, with this, pages going in and out, I thought it would be okay.  We shall see....

Anyway, this is what I got...
I actually saw at Michael's a SN@P! binder that was 8 1/2 x 11, which is what I was looking for, but I don't think they are available anymore.  I almost got the 8x6, but I wanted to just print out stuff on my computer and put in in the binder.

And, this is where I got my ideas and downloads to get the binder together.  I'm changing it up a bit, and once I get it finished, I'll post all the goodies here.

I am changing up the dividers.  The link above goes a little more granular than I want, separating dining as it's own category, I'm going to put it in the parks sections/other section since we will be dining mostly in the parks anyway.

Here are my dividers I'm going to do:
  • General - travel plans, "best/worst" charts, daily trip planning, packing lists, etc
  • Hotel - Maps, contact information, Magic Bands, etc
  • Park section - each park will have it's own section which will include park hours, dining options, what we want to do here, FastPass+ tips
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Epcot
    • Animal Kingdom
    • Hollywood Studios
  • Other - this will include stuff for Downtown Disney, extra activities, etc
It should be fun getting this all together!  I've already started printing out and reading all about the FastPass+ system.  However, there are so many tips and suggestions on how to use this wonderful thing called FastPass+ it's a little overwhelming, and you start to get worried you will do it wrong and nobody will have any fun, and then....take a breath... it will be alright and everybody will have fun.  Really. They will!

Again, this is the hardest part about planning.  There are some people that so over plan this that they forget they need to enjoy it too!  I want to do as much planning as we know whats going on, but I don't want the plans SET IN STONE because not all plans work.  I just hope we get a good reservation at a restaurant.  You have to make them 6 months in advance.  Yes, I said 6 months!  And, they fill up fast.  I'm just hoping we at least get a reservation!  Last time we called 6 months in advance and all we could get in the parks was at Hollywood Studios at the SiFi Drive in Diner at 5 pm, which was awesome, but we also had late lunch plans that day so we were not too hungry at 5 pm.  Oh well, it was fun!

Oh, and apparently, the wait for Anna and Elsa in the magic Kingdom is generally 5 hours.  Yes, I said 5 hours.  Can you freakin imagine??  I so hope Jake won't be disappointed he doesn't get to see them, and I'm hoping seeing all the other characters are enough!

We are also trying to focus on "non-princess" things to do, and we have read about some great games and suggestions for the boy to enjoy.

Anyway, let's plan!