Monday, July 30, 2012

Toes, Lion King, and Toddlers!

Great title, yes?  I think so!

Lion King - I took my parents and Dean's parents to see the Lion King (AWESOME!!) with a surprise!  We "bought a brick" for the Hobby Center!

 And, it's in a GREAT Location

The show was GREAT! Highly recommended!

Me and My mother!  She is so prety!

So,on to Toddlers, because it's fun!  Jake found an almost empty paper towel roll, had about 3 or so left on it...


That's how to empty a paper towel roll!

AND, now on to TOES!  Ever since my mother took me to get a pedicure a few months back, I feel almost naked without fancy toe polish!  So, I've been experimenting!  Here's my latest, GO TEAM USA!  All it needs is a little Ralph Lauren Logo and it's perfect!  (NOT!)