Monday, August 29, 2011

Eight months - Cute Kid!

After our adoption was final, we wanted to have official family pictures taken.  We scheduled an appointment for an afternoon I had to take off work for a doctor's appointment, and everything was set.

Let me paint the picture of the afternoon, and you too will be AMAZED the boy still had smiles in him!

Monday, Aug 15 started out a normal busy morning, Jake to the day care and me to work.  Then, Jake had a doctor's appointment at 1:30 (just 30 minutes before a bottle, not a good idea).  This was a follow up from an ear infection, and as soon as we sat down on the doctor table, Jake turned into Mr. Grumpy Gills, and cried and cried and cried!  After a clean bill of health, we sat in the waiting room having his bottle.  YUM!  He was fine then. 

We then went to the grocery store, mind you it's about 111 outside, so it's HOT, and we shop for about an hour and wait in line for about a hour (no not kidding) and then RUSH home and bring all the food in, unpack all the cold stuff, leave all the not cold stuff out because now we have 10 minutes to get ready for a photo shoot!

We get there and have to change the boy's clothes and his diaper, and then, we put him down on the big white sheet for the photographer and this is what happened.

The one above is entered in their Cute Kid contest.
I told them if we enter it will be No Contest, but they allowed it anyway.  :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Arches Afghan!!!

Another lovely crocheter sent me a picture of a completed afghan made from one of my free crochet patterns!  Look how AWESOME this turned out!!

Thank you Abi V. for sending me this picture!  IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!  I think I'm going to pick up crochet again for this winter when it comes.  OKAY, yeah, it's Texas and 100+ degree weather all week, so lets' just say winter Months!

For the pattern, click here!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This IS the nail polish I've been lookin for!

The other day I was reading Club Jade and this AWESOME fan girl product came up!  Revlon has a new color for a limited time only - Carbonite!!!  see post here Well, I had to find it! 

So, on Aug 12, I went to Ulta to see if they had it...
No, they didn't have it.
not happy

So, today, I remembered my quest to find awesome nail polish
I went to Walgreens
AND, no luck
very sad indeed

But, then I rememberd on Kingwood Drive here in Kingwood, there is a CVS right down the street from the Walgreens, so I had a little time and decided to see if they had it
(bad pic, I know, didn't want any funny looks)
I'm a Happy Fan girl!
it's a bit dramatic for my fingers, so I'm hoping it will be fine for my toes.
However, come Halloween, I'm all about the Carbonite nail polish!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adoption is Granted!

July 22, 2011 at approximately 9:45am, the adoption of our son was FINALIZED!!!  We got up early, drove the family across town to the new and beautiful Fort Bend County Court House, and patiently waited for our court session to begin.  And, it was over so fast we hardly had time to think about it!

It was such a nice day and a great experience! The judge told us we were some of the first adoptions in the new court house, and July 2011 had five Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, something that would not happen in another 800 or so years!

The judge called another case before ours so luckily we got to see how the proceedings went before we were called, which was second. The judge really enjoys Adoption Day, it's a happy day in a court room!

Here we are waiting outside the court room

AND, Daddy making Jake laugh just after they told us to take any loud and disruptive children out of the court room :)

Raise your right hand and repeat after me...

Adoption is GRANTED and Jake, here's a teddy bear from the judge!

The newly officially formed Family!  Happy Family Day!

Here we are with our Lawyer, Nice and Happy Day!

If you are thinking about adoption, and you live in the Houston Area (or Texas for that matter)  I would suggest you check out AIM Adoptions. AIM Adoptions Web Site  We were not featured on the site as waiting parents simply because we were not waiting long enough!!!  It was such a fast and successful experience!  Check it out!