Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip to the Zoo!!

One of our Neices turned Eight last week and wanted to have a family outing at the zoo, so we all headed to the Medical Center and enjoyed the day together at the Houston Zoo.  We spent the morning taking in all the animal sights (and smells!) and then had a picnic out by the lake and after lunch, some of the group went on paddle boats!  Fun was had by all!

Dean and Jake looking at the fishes

Jake and 7 of his cousins, Emily, Travis, Hannah, Natalie, Abbie, Ben, Sarah. Lilly Ann was napping in her stroler, so she's not pictured.

Me and Jake in front of the salt water tropical fish tank

Jake loving the lovely weather in his stroler

Doug & Stacy and their kids

Dean, Dayna, Nonnie and Jake in the stroler

Jake and Lilly Ann

Jake in Dads lap watching the paddle boats

Happy Birthday Abigail!  Hope you had a great time!  We did!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots can happen in Three Months!

Sure has been a busy three months!  I can't believe it went by so fast!  He is SUCH a cutie and such a joy, I have to share and share some more!

Apparenty he REALLY loves his Puppy Passy now.  Look how upset and then how content he is after he gets it back!
 aaaaaa, that's better

Three Months Old - March 15, 2011 
 He's getting bigger than Yoda!

Our little family!

I also want to say another family we know from our Adoption Agency, AIM, adopted a baby girl today!  She was born two days ago, so Happy Gotcha Day to Megan and Jason and Macey!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jake and Pixel

I know, I just posted, but I wanted to post these fun pics as well!

I love to take pictures of Jake, I call myself a Mama-razzi (this is from the Bo Bunny collection of the same name).   The collection can be found here Mama-Razzi

So, when I saw Pixel sitting on the couch where I usually take pictures of Jake, I thought, cool!

Pix doesn't look too happy about this, but Jake is LOVING IT!

Okay, lets see if he will take a pic laying on him, YES he DID...

OH, I think Pix is about finished with Mama and Jake

He didn't go far but it did seem to make Jake Sad.  :( 

Love all my guys!!!

Parents Visit!!!

My parents came to stay for a night before going on a cruise out of Galveston.  They just came to visit Jake, we know, Dean and Dayna take a back seat to our adorable baby boy! 

Jake with his Queenie and Alfredo

Jake and Alfredo

Jake and Queenie

Kickin' it back!

They had a great time on their cruise!  They came back for a short hello when they came home and gave us all the sussies they bought for us before heading to South Texas.  It was nice to see them!  I hope they come to stay longer next visit!