Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jake is One Year Old!

Last week, my little boy turned One!  This year has gone by so fast!  I cannot believe how blessed we are to have him in our lives!  He is pure joy!  Oh, and REALLY cute!

The last of the Monthly pictures with Yoda! Going forward, I hope to only do one each year.

We had a Star Wars Theme (duh!) so I had the following food:
Han Sandwiches
Obi-Wonion Dip
Jawa Chips
Boba Fett Fruits
Storm Trooper Veggies
Leia Cinnamon rolls
C3P0 Pieces (Reece's Pieces)
Droid Treats (rice crispy treats with cookie cream and blue sugar)
Wookie Cookies
Luke's Light Sabers (green candy coated pretzel rods)
Yoda Soda
Darth Vader-ade (Coke and diet coke)
Lando Limeade

And, the big finish, the CAKE!!!

That's a Yoda Action figure next to the Tree

Then, on to gifts!  He loved the wrapping paper and ribbons the best!

And, Jake's cousin Travis helped him open his Wampa Rug (from 

All said and done, it was a Star Wars Fantastic Party day!

Happy Birthday Jake!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My little boy

I cannot believe my son turns 1 this week!  He's such a joy and a blessing!  I had to share this!

When we got him home on December 17, 2010, we went crazy with the pictures and passing around the baby.  He was just TOO CUTE!

 Almost ONE year later, he still fits in the box, but he's a bit bigger (and hard to get him sittng still)

Love this little guy!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

November Wrap Up

Yeah, I'm behind in my posting... So, here are a few pics...

Jake is a TOTAL Cute Little TURKEY!  Thanksgiving week at Day care

Jake's First Thanksgiving - 2011- his last First Holiday!
Thanksgiving - showign off his AWESOME Aggie wind suite

And, proving to be hard to sit still for the camera! :)

Our YUMMY Thanksgiving meal!  LOVE Jake's plate!

He ate turkey with us, first time eating a dinner of ONLY Table Food!

He really REALLY loves the turkey!!!  He even helped us finish the leftovers
didn't like the mashed potatoes, but LOVE the sweet potatoes!  Of course they had
mini marshmallows and butter and brown sugar, but still, YUMMY!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!