Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's Christmas Time!!!

We have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  Shopping, wrapping, unwrapping, wrapping some more, then putting decorations up, birthday parties (there have been 2 in a week!!), and work.  Oh yeah, I do work, but if I could, I would so totally take December off and return after the new year!  But, I must work, so there.

Here's Jake on P.J. / Polar Express Day before going to day care.  He's READY!
And, in our new tradition, a picture with Yoda on his Birthday
 Jake with Yoda at 1 month, then last year 12 months
Jake's Birthday (12/15) was AWESOME and a Pinterest SUCCESS!  I made his cake.  Yes, I did this!  I'm completely proud.  I did get the idea from a pin, but still, I did the construction, decorations, and the print outs!  I'm giving myself props, this is awesome!

Original Pin
Jake and the Neverland Pirate Ship

Yes, you can say it, it's great!

I also did these little pirate boats for snacks, but with Bucky's Sail Design.  It was a "Bucky Armada" and everybody loved them!  So easy!!  And, a healthy snack to boot!
Pirate Boat Jell-O

We also had Fish N Chips, which were ruffles and gold fish mixed in a bowl.  Cleaver, yes, Pinterest is AWESOME!

Jake LOVED his party!  Greeted everybody with a smile and a hug, LOVED it when they sang Happy Birthday, and he even blew out his candle!  He is one awesome dude!

AND, enjoyed opening his gifts!  Here he is all finished!!!

Then, on Tuesday (12/18) we went over to Nonnie's to celebrate her birthday as well!
She was trying to get a picture of Jake next to the tree, but he while sucking on a dumdum, wanted to take the pictures too!  Such a cool lil dude!

Jake at his Two year check up!  He's all happy BEFORE the doctor comes in!  :)
One more thing...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Company Holiday Party

Every year my company has a Holiday Luncheon early in December.  It's a simple lunch with some music entertainment, then announcing the winners of the centerpiece decorating, and then giving out door prizes.  And, to shake things up a bit, each year they come up with a new theme!  This year's theme was "Down Home Holiday Lunch" and we could dress Christmas Western for the day! YEY! 

Also, the center pieces were also to be western theme. Here's the one I did, and of COURSE it won Most Holiday Spirit!
But the best part of the day?  I got to wear my AWESOME SANTA COWBOY HAT!
I took 2 Santa hats (cheap ones from Walmart) and cut the trim off both and glued one of the red parts on the crown of the hat, then took the trim from both hats and glued it on the brim of the hat.  I took a pretty ribbon and awesome plastic white poinsettia and made the decoration for the hat, and tadaah!  Santa Cowboy Hat!
I make this look GOOD!
Our entertainment!  Great Holiday band!  Most of them are co-workers.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas is coming!!!

So, we had a successful Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend!  We got most of our family shopping finished, and are really knocking out the gift list this week as well!  This will leave us more time to shop for Jake and each other, and to plan and attend parties!

We have several things going in December, so I'm glad we had an Extra Week of Christmas Time this year!  Really gets me in a festive mood!  So to start things off, we decorated the Christmas Tree!

Jake did so AWESOME with the tree!
I got some non-breakable ornaments set out for him, and HE LOVED putting them on the Christmas Tree!  It was a complete DREAM come TRUE!  Watchin his eyes light up with each ornament i handed him!  He is DEFINATELY MY BOY!


The finished Tree - YES!  Started on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and finished on Sunday!
Saturday, we went to the Galleria, i'll have to add the pics I took of the tree later, but here is a "good" one of the three of us.  :)
Once we got our tree finished, we celebrated AGAIN with open mouths AAAAAAAAAAH! 
That's our boy!
I'm also working on decorating my finger nails, of course, what do ya think?

AND, since my work Holiday Lunch party this year is western theme, I made myself a hat to wear!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Diwali 2012

A nice friend and co-worker of mine recently (this summer) moved back to India.  She knows my son's birth father is from India, so she asked if I needed anything.  I said YES!  I need a Kurta Suit for him so I can take some nice pictures of Jake for Diwali!

Diwail is the Festival of Lights and is a very festive time of celebration in India and other coutries around the world.  And, it is TODAY, so Happy Diwali from Jake!

This was after I took the above pictures, and he had some milk in a sippy, and I wanted to get more pictures, so Mean Mommy took that milk away.  BTW, don't do that to a toddler, he no likey!  Especially if you want to take more pictures!!! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jake and the Neverland Pirates....And Jake!

I love Disney.  I also Love Star Wars, as we all know, so the recent purchace Disney made (click here) not only makes me happy, but made my whole world complete!  Can't wait to see the new movies and (I can only hope) a Theme park??

Anyway, last year, Yoda ruled Halloween and his birthday.  This year, Jake is all about JAKE! 
Jake and the Neverland Pirates - and Jake! 
He looks so cute in his costume made completely by ME! 
Yes, I made that vest!  I so totally ROCK!
Anyway, here are my pumpkins!
R2D2 - I heard a bunch of teens trying to decide if it was Star Wars or Wall-E.  I think they walked away knowing it was a Droid from Star Wars but they didn't know which one. 
Who are these people??

Captain Hook!!!  LOVED this one!  It was difficult, but it turned out nice! :)
And, check out Jake's Booty!  Not a bad haul for only about an hour and 2 streets worth of Trick or Treating.  He loved it by the way, and even enjoyed handing out candy when we got back home for the older Kids coming by later!  It was a fun holiday!
So much so, he wasn't quite ready to hang up the red bandana!  That's my Jake!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Hunting!!!

This year again, we went to our local small pumpkin patch, in Downtown Humble at the Methodist Church.  It's a nice small little patch, and it's 5 minutes from our home, instead of an hour drive to a big awesome pumpkin patch, which we simply did NOT have time to do this year.  Maybe next year we will venture to a big place that has petting zoos etc., but for now, our little patch will do just fine! 

Last year by some miracle of the pumpkins, I got an AWESOME pumpkin picture of Jake.  This year, since he is a toddler, and MOVES and will NOT look at me when I have the camera, not for Anything, I wasn't so lucky.  But, him being such a cutie pie, I did manage to get a pretty good "money shot".

Hey, he's both LOOKING at me and SMILING!  So, not bad!
He loves to point out body parts - nose, eyes, ears, mouth, elbow, etc. 
He was pointing out the cat's Nose!

My Super Hero Pumpkin Hunters!
As you can see, we had fun, and a pretty good picture to boot!  I can't wait to carve the two pumpkins I have!  Jake decorated his small pumpkin this weekend for school!  I will share those pictures soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Growing Boy and other things...

So, I've made Jake a costume, it's really cuted!  Jake is going to be, well, JAKE from Disney's Jake and the Neverland Pirates!  LOVE THIS CARTOON!!!

Just a hint as to what we will look like this Halloween!

Anyway, I can't wait!!!  Except, for one thing.  I made these really cute "boot covers" to make Jake's Ropers look like pirate boots.  Well, he has grown out of them THIS WEEK!  Oh well.  We will make do with some other Brown shoes!

Halloween is less than a week away!  And, I've had a bit of fun with my nails!  YEY!

Candy Corn nails with Matte About You top coat from Essie!  Sweet!!
Frankenstein!  What fun!  My ring finger got messed up so i'm doing it again, so Mr. Thumb is hiding him for me. :)
What are YOU going to be for Halloween???

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gig 'Em Aggies!!!

Today at Jake's Daycare is picture day!  They have set up a wonderful backdrop with wood and hay and pumpkins and it looks so awesome!  But, the last 2 picture days have not gone well for Jake.  Two times ago (spring), he was CRYING while they took the picture.  NOT fun!  The last time (summer) he wouldn't even go on the props and they didn't take any pictures.  Oh well, we shall see what happens this time!  When we walked in the daycare they were already setting up and he almost wouldn't walk past the set up.  That's not a good sign.

But anyway, THIS is how a Toddler Boy SHOULD dress for Fall pictures!

My Li'l Aggie!  Class of 2033!!


Wait, you wanted me to look at you
Well, Mickey Mouse is doing the Hot Dog Dance, so you will have to wait.

Let's just hope he doesn't completely break down and cry today, maybe we will get one, but I don't have high hopes.  But, that's alright, he smiles with me when I have my camera out! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

For that Polished Look

I have found a new love in my life!  Nail Polish!  Yes, silly, I know, but I have been experimenting with my toe nail polish since my mother MADE me go to get a pedicure a few months ago. 

And, I've also started doing my fingers as well!!  I have not recently liked having my finger nails painted, feels weird to me, but they look so cool now!  With all the AWESOME pinterest ideas on what you can do with nail polish, I had to try a few things. 

So, I played around a little yesterday:

Saw this R2D2 idea on pinterest, said I can do that! So I did.

And this is all it took to get that look!

Then, I spotted this polish at CVS, had to try it, it's AWESOME!
This is so cool!  It looks different at every angle!

I also tried the crackle stuff (from OPI).  Gold over Black polish
Looks really kinda cool!

I wasn't going purple this time, just wanted to try that polish, so I ended up with this, which I do love:

So, sticking with the Star Wars Theme, since Celebration VI is just around the corner, I used Revlon's Carbonite on my toes -with Star Wars written on my Big Toes with a Sally Hanson polish pen.

I Love it!  What have you done with your nail polish?!?!?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Toes, Lion King, and Toddlers!

Great title, yes?  I think so!

Lion King - I took my parents and Dean's parents to see the Lion King (AWESOME!!) with a surprise!  We "bought a brick" for the Hobby Center!

 And, it's in a GREAT Location

The show was GREAT! Highly recommended!

Me and My mother!  She is so prety!

So,on to Toddlers, because it's fun!  Jake found an almost empty paper towel roll, had about 3 or so left on it...


That's how to empty a paper towel roll!

AND, now on to TOES!  Ever since my mother took me to get a pedicure a few months back, I feel almost naked without fancy toe polish!  So, I've been experimenting!  Here's my latest, GO TEAM USA!  All it needs is a little Ralph Lauren Logo and it's perfect!  (NOT!)