Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Blog Wrap up - Part 1 - January to June

Let's give a wrap up of One Full year with our Baby Boy and other happenings this year

Started off with a "Rockin NYE party!" Well, we went to sleep at 10, baby and all, then got up the next morning and had a lovely day all dressed in matching Blue Old Navy hoodies! We took Jake to his first ever TriStar show, and he got to meet some of the Oilers, including Bum Phillips! And, Dayna had to skip a retreat for the very first time, which was a bummer because Jaime gave out monogrammed snuggies!!! Not Fair!

Still on leave for Jake, getting used to a whole new life and schedule (just in time to have it change). We were able to go to the Cheesecake Factory for my Birthday, first evening away from Jake. Doug and Stacy and their kids watched him for us. Now Jake being two months old, he needed to start sleeping in his own room, which was a rather easy transfer since I got a HORRIBLE case of food poisoning and he couldn't sleep in our room for that!

HOUSTON RODEO! We didn't go to a rodeo in Reliant but did go to the livestock show and carnival. Jake did pretty good! He was able to sleep right thru the Carnival! Amazing! I had to start back to work mid march. Was very hard leaving the boy at daycare. Thank goodness for Web Cams! We also took Jake to the Zoo for the first time!

Jake's First Easter was nice! The whole family went to Nonnie and Papa's house after Church for dinner and egg hunt.  We even got awesome pictures with Jake and the Easter Bunny at the mall!  So much fun!

We are married 16 years! Memorial day was fun, we had burgers! And, Jake tried solid foods for the first time! Let's just say he never really liked rice cereal. Just like his Daddy, doesn't like rice in anything!

Our first AIM BBQ - and EVERYBODY had BABIES!!! YEY! And, I went on my first weekend trip away from my boy to the Summer Retreat, was really fun and got a ton of baby book pages finished!

Stay Tuned for part 2!

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