Friday, June 22, 2012

OMG! it's been a while!

So, I think it's time to update the blog, so here's whats going on....

I've been busy doing nothing.  Nothing i tell you can keep you really, really busy!  Ever feel like that?  I know I do!

Anyway, here's what's happened since April...
Easter was AWESOME!  we had a lovely Easter Celebration, AND, Jake LOVED the Easter Bunny!  Even if she was a young teen in a very hot bunny costume who would NOT play with the kids because she was too hot!  :)  Alls well, he loved it and we got this great picture!  YEY!

We lost a dear family Member mid April.  Aunt Lorainne, we love you and miss you! 

We discovered Jake LOVES playing on the Splash Pad in our neighborhood! And, drinking the water!  YUCK!  Jake No... oh well...

Muffins with Mom at Daycare the Friday before Mother's day.

Dean and I celebrated our 17th Wedding Anniversary!  Yey to us!  We enjoyed going shopping at Academy to replace the mouth piece on Dean's Camel Back because Jake broke it that morning, then we ate at Cheddars for lunch.  It was really nice!

Memorial Day + Heat + Splash Pad = AWESOME FREE FUN! (I'll have to add a pic later!)

June broght the AIM BBQ, was a great deal of fun seeing all the babies turned toddlers and hearing the great news two of the families we adopted with are going another round!

AND, summer retreat with my mother and the other Holy Scrappers!  This was in Galveston again, which the Retreat space isn't great, but we sure did have FUN!

Father's day fun - Donuts with Dad the Friday before Father's day! And, we went to the Zoo for Father's Day! (will post pic later - worth it!)  Dean was pulling Jake in the wagon that was tied to his wheelchair, and didn't hit ANYTHING!

Food Drive at work!  Came in 2nd place!  We build buildings out of food, including Stark Tower, and we donated almost 2300 items of food (includes items and cash donatoion of just over $1200)!!  yes, we ROCK!!!

now, I've caught you up.  :)  Going to the Ranch soon!  Will blog about that next!

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