Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

It's been a fun month building up to Halloween!  Then, it turns out to be really wet and rainy, so may not get to trick or treat today, but we will still have some Halloween FUN!

First, I had fun with my finger nails this month!  I wasn't able to get them "done" so I just painted my own natural nails, as short as they are.  :(


We also enjoyed some Fall fun at 7 acre woods in Conroe, TX.  It is great outdoor fun for a almost 3 yr old, and they had pumpkin patch for pictures.  It was great!

We then had to do our pumpkins for the big day!  Jake and I painted a pumpkin red and blue, then I carved it up.  The next one we didn't paint, but we did "gut it" together.  He didn't like that as much and decided playing with Mickey would be better.

And, the big reveal.  Jake's Halloween Costume is...

I actually CANNOT believe I got this photo!  He was in NO MOOD to obey this morning (all over toothpaste).  But, in the end, and with a promise to show him the picture after I took it, he did what I asked, which, lets' face it, such a MONEY SHOT!

I said "Say Cheese".  He stuck out his tongue.  He is SOOOOO much like his Daddy!

So, I hope everybody has a safe, hopefully dry, and 

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