Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do we really have to choose just ONE?

So, we have a free weekend finally!  What did we do?  Oh, nothing too exciting.  We went to IKEA to see what kind of couches and if they had baby furniture.  The couches were good, we got to look at some Kitchens, and they didn't have much in the baby furniture department for babies.  SO, we wend diving up 45 to Spring and The Woodlands.

We found Baby's & Kid's First Furniture!  Wow, what a place!  We had a blast looking around at all the furniture and getting ideas and such.  Here are a few we were looking at.

I really like the sleigh cribs!  This one has a safty gate on the front.  Looks nice!

This one is great, it's a 4 in 1 which is what we are looking for.

This was a weird looking crib!  No, didn't like it at all!

Dean really liked this plane.  He had a Big smile - COOL!

This is the one we liked the best.  It comes in a more natural finish which is what we are going to get.

So, there you have it!  The only weird thing about going crib shopping when you waiting to adopt, well, you are not pregnant and I would say every woman in there was!  So, everybody was looking at my tummy and wondering!  Ha!  Oh well.  We now know what we want and what to look for so we hope to get something soon!  We really need to clean up the room and get it ready!

Have a Happy Halloween!


niki said...

We got the brand Baby's Dream for Kendall - it is a 4 in 1 and I LOVE IT!!! Looks like either the top one or last one :) PRAYING!

Dayna said...

Oh, awesome! Yeah, the first thing Dean said was these things are HUGE!! :)

tinam409 said...

Dayna,I just heard the news from your mother yesterday. I am so excited for you and Dean! You both have been chosen for the love of life and happiness that is clearly in your eyes and smiles!! Joy,Joy to you both. Love your blog too! Love Tina