Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nursery Time!

So, with the news from Nov 3, we finally got going on the Nursery!  Here is how the room started...
This is the room as it was our Guest Room.  Caribbean colors of blue, orange, pink and lime green!  Yes, that's a giant Dolphin Stuffed animal.  His name is OOPIE (pronounced oh-pee - long story...).

It took four people at different times durring a couple of days to get all the stuff out of the room!  But, we finally got it!
 The, I got FANCY and bought some stencil material for the cricut, found a GREAT grass shape on the Mickey and Friends cartridge and painted on the grass.  Love how this turned out!
 Close up of the grass
Once the grass was finished, we started on the clouds!  Linda came over to help me out. 
 So, the clouds are half finished here and even though the ones on the wall look like whip cream, I still LOVE THEM!!
 Then, Friday (11/12) we got our furniture from Baby's R Us, and they SO IKEA'ed us!  We had to put each and every piece together!  Amanda helped put this together...
 And, finally, we finished!  All the furniture is set up, the walls are painted, we have a stroller and car seat system, so we are ready to go!
And just as we finished, our social worker, Jan, called us to confirm we are still excited and ready to go to Beaumont on Tuesday!  So, we are so excited we can barely breathe! 

Keep praying!  I'll let you know when I know!!!

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