Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is REALLY Happening!

So, I promised I would write more.  So, here goes.  This is a bit long, but it's worth it!!!

Yesterday we went to a meeting at our adoption agency, a support group for waiting parents.  It was nice!  We had a few snacks, learned what was going on with the agency, and were able to share stories and feelings and ideas about what all of us are going through.  We all were able to discuss openly what's going on in our wait and offer and hear advise from others.

The evening was winding down and people were beginning to head home so we waived to the social worker that we were heading out and she signaled for us to wait.  She seemed like she really wanted to talk to us, so we waited, even though we needed to be heading out to get home.  Once all the other couples left, she took us in her office to discuss what was going on.

Back in September, we received an email about a couple who were looking for adoptive parents for their baby.  We were asked if we wanted to be considered for the situation and we said yes.  We never imagined in a million years that she would pick us.  Yes, thats right, you guessed it, we have been PICKED!!  We were all so shocked and amazed as to what was happening.  To be faced with a reality of something you fantasize about is so exciting that I have no word to expalin the excellent feeling I'm having!!!!! 

So, the next step, we are going to be meeting the Birth Parents on November 16th.  This will be an exciting meeting.  I'm already nervous about it and not sure what to expect.  If this meeting goes well, meaning we are willing and they are willing to continue with the process together, Dean and I will be parents to their baby.  Here's the really shocking part.  She is due MID DECEMBER!  Yes, I said December!!!  We are talking about 6 weeks here! 

Here's a picture of us after we got home.  I couldn't stop crying all the way home!!!

This is a really scary and exciting time for us.  At this point, this is not a sure thing, but we are confident in our social worker and trust her judgment that there is a good chance this may be the one.  We hope with all hope that this is the right situation for us.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers that this is the right situation for us.  And, if it happens to not be the right situation, pray for us to have the strength and courage to continue this journey.  We know we are going to find the just right situation for us and all involved!

God Bless!  Love ya!  I'll keep you Posted!!!

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sending good thoughts for a happy outcome