Thursday, December 16, 2010

News, and More News

First of all, thank you all for your prayers.  Please keep praying!  We have until 12:30 tomorrow (12/17)!

We had a fun day of visiting friends at work, shopping, and going down to the hospital.  My mother is in town and she helped me do some much needed shopping for all the necessities, like onesies and blankets, etc.  Then we picked up Dean and headed to Beaumont.  That sure is a long drive! 

We were able to visit with the birth parents as well as our social worker.  My mother was able to meat them as well and hold the baby.  He is even more handsome than he was yesterday!!!  Dean and I were able to talk and visit and cry and hold the baby for quite a long time today.  It was an emotional day today.  He is really a beautiful baby!  Head full of dark hair!  You can almost not tell where his eye brows stop and his hair starts!  I promise to post pictures soon.

As for tomorrow, we are going to the hospital around 11am to meet her mother and grand mother.  They have come in from Florida today.  We are nervous about meeting them, but we are confident all will turn out well.

We are praying for the strength and courage for everybody involved to decide the best for this beautiful baby boy. And I pray for all the happiness for the birth parents and their family in this difficult time. 

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