Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is REALLY REALLY Happening!!!!

So, you never now how you are going to react to great things that happen to you in life. When we found out we were picked for adoption, we were floored and cried and were so happy!!!  We have been planning for a day like yesterday but you never know how you are going to react when such a thing happens.  Here's the story...

I went on my lunch break and was going to do some lunch time Christmas Shopping when I called Dean just to say hi and how's it going and that it was nice out so he should get out some today.  Then, the phone beeped and it was AIM on the other line.  I told Dean I had to go and answered the call.  It was Denise, she said to call Jan on her cell phone NOW!  Well, guess what!  The birthmother was in labor and we are wanted at the hospital in Beaumont, you won't get there before the baby's born as she is 8cm already!  OMG!  I had to pull over to call Dean and told him all about it!!!  Then frantically called my mother who FREAKED out of course and started to head our way!

We got to the Hospital around 2:30pm.  She apparently went into labor at 1am that morning, but was sent HOME from the hospital at only 1cm.  By the time she got back to the hospital, she was in full blown labor, and he was delivered so fast they didn't even have time to finish the paperwork!!! 

The baby was born on December 15, 2010, 12:23 pm, weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches long.  He's happy and healthy, and the birthmother is doing great!

So, we are currently in the "48 hour" window, which ends Friday at 12:30. Please keep praying forus.

I will post more when I know more as we are planning on going to the hospital this afternoon.


niki said...

I am in tears! I have been on pins and needles since I got Jaime's e-mail yesterday!! I am praying for you guys and can't wait until tomorrow at 12:30!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

The Mostess said...

Good luck!! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I know Eriika is pulling for you!