Monday, June 27, 2011

Retreat Time!!!

This weekend two things happened. I went on an all weekend long Scrapbooking Retreat!  YEY!!  I stayed not 1 but 2 nights away from my baby!  BOO!  But, he got to spend the time with Nonnie and his Daddy and did very well, and was really really happy to see me when I got home Sunday afternoon! :)  Here are some of the layouts I did.  I finished 46 layouts!!  I'll be adding most of the pictures of layouts to my account, but until then, enjoy!

 First two pages, I will do his cover page later

First picture of the three of us together

Just about an hour after all the paperwork was finished and he was released from the Hospital


Our Christmas Blessing!!

Its such a great feeling to finally get started on Jake's baby album!  however, the 46 pages were from birth to one month.  I'm in trouble!!!  I'm going to need more bookshelf space!

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Jayme Downs said...

Or a storage building to hold all those gazillion albums. LOL