Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crochet anybody?

I've had several hobbies thru the years, one of them being Crochet!  I really got into it at one point, even made my own patterns and was involved in several exchange groups online!  I really enjoyed doing that, but as time went on, I picked up scrapbooking again, and haven't done much crocheting in a long long time.  Honestly, It's probaby got something to do with the fact that I worked the yarn and hook in Colorado, where it's not 110 heat index in the summer!  I just can't stand to have that heavy yarn on my lap in this Texas Heat!!!

Anyway, I have a Crochet web site.  Dayna's Crochet  And, from time to time, I get emails from people who either have a comment on my awesome free patterns or a correction that should have been made.  :)

I was pleased as punch when someone asked me a question about a pattern because they were making a sweater out of one of my squares.  I unfortunately was NO help to her at all, but she made the sweater anyway and shared the pictures!

Her name is Doris P. and she's from Bailey, Colorado and here is her work of art with one of my motifs!

And, my original pattern link Star Flower Granny and picture

 Thank you Doris for sharing your work!!!  Looks AWESOME!


Jayme Downs said...

You amaze me with your crafty talents. One day I give you a handful of little crochet flowers that I had bought. And the next thing I know you are handing me a handful back that you made yourself. :)

daht said...

Hi Dayna!
I am a beginner,and am going to tackle grannies soon...did it with my grandmother about 40+ years ago, just watching her and following stitches. Love your patterns for squares, thank you! And am hoping I can get the hang of it..once I learn pattern lingo!

Oh, yes...also love your new sunflower afghan you are doing! dotb in mo