Thursday, July 21, 2011

I LOVE Mac N Cheese

One of my favorite meals in the world is Mac N Cheese.  No, nothing else with it, just Mac N Cheese!  My sister would agree with me, every time she thinks of the blue box, she thinks of me!  My Husband knows this too, and he's even been known to enjoy a box with some hotdogs cut up in it!  :)  Jake's gonna LOVE us for that one!  By the way, my world WAS rocked at some point when my sweet mother made us Mac Casserole, and she completey ruined my taste for the best meal ever for several days...she put TUNA in the MAC N CHEESE!!?!??!  YUCK!

So, you can imagine my excitement when I was at the store looking for yummy new food for Jake, and I came across the best site EVER! 

YES!  Baby food Mac N Cheese!!!  I couldn't wait to give it to Jake, just hoping he would LOVE IT!

Nothing better for dinner than Beef and MacNCheese!

And, wouldn't you know it....HE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!!

All I have to say is
That's My Boy!


Sherry said...

(Clapping Hands!) That's so cool!!!

I have to buy a jar! Just because! Maybe I could carry it for emergencies!! Lol!

We are a household of blue box lovers! We buy it at Sam's Club every week!

I think its so awesome he loves mac n cheese! He is your boy!!

Jayme Downs said...

Like mother like son! And ewww, you CAN'T put tuna in mac n cheese! What's wrong with her...HEHE!!!! ;)