Monday, August 22, 2011

Arches Afghan!!!

Another lovely crocheter sent me a picture of a completed afghan made from one of my free crochet patterns!  Look how AWESOME this turned out!!

Thank you Abi V. for sending me this picture!  IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!  I think I'm going to pick up crochet again for this winter when it comes.  OKAY, yeah, it's Texas and 100+ degree weather all week, so lets' just say winter Months!

For the pattern, click here!


Abi Elizabeth said...

Thanks again for sharing your unique pattern with the world Dayna. It was so cool watching the afghan come together, as I crocheted each block. And thank you for putting it on your blog!! How special! Thank you!!! ^^

sassi said...

I think it turned out very pretty.
Linda M