Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This IS the nail polish I've been lookin for!

The other day I was reading Club Jade and this AWESOME fan girl product came up!  Revlon has a new color for a limited time only - Carbonite!!!  see post here Well, I had to find it! 

So, on Aug 12, I went to Ulta to see if they had it...
No, they didn't have it.
not happy

So, today, I remembered my quest to find awesome nail polish
I went to Walgreens
AND, no luck
very sad indeed

But, then I rememberd on Kingwood Drive here in Kingwood, there is a CVS right down the street from the Walgreens, so I had a little time and decided to see if they had it
(bad pic, I know, didn't want any funny looks)
I'm a Happy Fan girl!
it's a bit dramatic for my fingers, so I'm hoping it will be fine for my toes.
However, come Halloween, I'm all about the Carbonite nail polish!

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Jayme Downs said...

Oh I love that color! I may end up on a search for that. :) Looks good!!