Thursday, August 16, 2012

For that Polished Look

I have found a new love in my life!  Nail Polish!  Yes, silly, I know, but I have been experimenting with my toe nail polish since my mother MADE me go to get a pedicure a few months ago. 

And, I've also started doing my fingers as well!!  I have not recently liked having my finger nails painted, feels weird to me, but they look so cool now!  With all the AWESOME pinterest ideas on what you can do with nail polish, I had to try a few things. 

So, I played around a little yesterday:

Saw this R2D2 idea on pinterest, said I can do that! So I did.

And this is all it took to get that look!

Then, I spotted this polish at CVS, had to try it, it's AWESOME!
This is so cool!  It looks different at every angle!

I also tried the crackle stuff (from OPI).  Gold over Black polish
Looks really kinda cool!

I wasn't going purple this time, just wanted to try that polish, so I ended up with this, which I do love:

So, sticking with the Star Wars Theme, since Celebration VI is just around the corner, I used Revlon's Carbonite on my toes -with Star Wars written on my Big Toes with a Sally Hanson polish pen.

I Love it!  What have you done with your nail polish?!?!?

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