Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jake and the Neverland Pirates....And Jake!

I love Disney.  I also Love Star Wars, as we all know, so the recent purchace Disney made (click here) not only makes me happy, but made my whole world complete!  Can't wait to see the new movies and (I can only hope) a Theme park??

Anyway, last year, Yoda ruled Halloween and his birthday.  This year, Jake is all about JAKE! 
Jake and the Neverland Pirates - and Jake! 
He looks so cute in his costume made completely by ME! 
Yes, I made that vest!  I so totally ROCK!
Anyway, here are my pumpkins!
R2D2 - I heard a bunch of teens trying to decide if it was Star Wars or Wall-E.  I think they walked away knowing it was a Droid from Star Wars but they didn't know which one. 
Who are these people??

Captain Hook!!!  LOVED this one!  It was difficult, but it turned out nice! :)
And, check out Jake's Booty!  Not a bad haul for only about an hour and 2 streets worth of Trick or Treating.  He loved it by the way, and even enjoyed handing out candy when we got back home for the older Kids coming by later!  It was a fun holiday!
So much so, he wasn't quite ready to hang up the red bandana!  That's my Jake!

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