Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas is coming!!!

So, we had a successful Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend!  We got most of our family shopping finished, and are really knocking out the gift list this week as well!  This will leave us more time to shop for Jake and each other, and to plan and attend parties!

We have several things going in December, so I'm glad we had an Extra Week of Christmas Time this year!  Really gets me in a festive mood!  So to start things off, we decorated the Christmas Tree!

Jake did so AWESOME with the tree!
I got some non-breakable ornaments set out for him, and HE LOVED putting them on the Christmas Tree!  It was a complete DREAM come TRUE!  Watchin his eyes light up with each ornament i handed him!  He is DEFINATELY MY BOY!


The finished Tree - YES!  Started on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and finished on Sunday!
Saturday, we went to the Galleria, i'll have to add the pics I took of the tree later, but here is a "good" one of the three of us.  :)
Once we got our tree finished, we celebrated AGAIN with open mouths AAAAAAAAAAH! 
That's our boy!
I'm also working on decorating my finger nails, of course, what do ya think?

AND, since my work Holiday Lunch party this year is western theme, I made myself a hat to wear!


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