Monday, April 1, 2013

OMG! Is it really April? No Fooling??

Wow!  Where has the first quarter of the year gone?  Not really sure!  It seems like only yesterday it was the Holiday season and we were planning on going on a Disney Cruise in April!


I hope everybody had a Great Easter!  Nice way to end the month of March!  We had a GREAT Easter Weekend!  Started off by spending Friday with Dean and Jake in Downtown Houston.  Lunch at the Hard Rock.  And, I quote Jake "WOOK MOMMY!  A Nudda Guitar!  A Nudda Guitar!"  That would be another guitar.  Then, he said, "Mommy Wook what I FOUND!  A CAR!"  You kow the car they have hanging over the bar?  :)  He had a great time!  How young can you start Guitar Lessons?
Yummy Honey mustard all over his face and a Black Sabbath Guitar behind him.  Nice!
We also enjoyed the semi-lovely (partly/mostly cloudy) weather day at Discovery Green.  Apparently not following all the rules either!  But, my guys were having a great time running around!  We even enjoyed an overpriced shaved ice with strawberry treat!

KEEP OFF THE GRASS!  How did we MISS this sign??

The next day, we enjoyed the even better semi-good weather (still cloudy) at the Woodlands shopping.  Yes, that's right, I made Dean go shopping!  But, we got a cute pic of Jake enjoying the fountain in front of the shopping center.  AND, later that evening, eating spaghetti the best way a 2 year old does!  With it all over his face of course!
And, Easter Sunday, we had a GREAT day!  Coloring Easter Eggs, Egg Hunt, eating CANDY!!! Going to church (they had bubbles AND goldfish, he had a great time) then to Nonnie and Papa's house for lunch, home for a nap, the Off the see the Astro's Home Opener against the Texas Rangers!  We left early, with all the other parents of toddlers apparently, but the Astro's did win!  Great game!

Dying Easter Eggs!  JOY!

And, LOOKING for Easter Eggs with CANDY in them!
Yeah, that's one cute kid!

At Nonnie & Papa's House
Astros Opener
Hope you had a great Easter Weekend Too!!

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