Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Being Home is Good!

Howdy everybody!  Sorry I've been away a couple of weeks, but it's been busy!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving despite the Aggies loosing and the crazy last play that should have been called back.  Oh well, bring on the bowl game!


Alfredo, Dana, Joe and Lexi

Me (Dayna), Alfredo, Queenie, and Jake.

Jake and I spent the whole entire weekend getting our house ready for Christmas, inside and out!


Now, we are trying to get most of our shopping done online,and filling in when we can in the stores, and getting ready for Jake's Birthday!  We are doing the Chuck E. Cheese birthday package, so lets hope it's fun!

The best news is we are going to SLOWLY be getting Dean up and around the house starting soon. We are taking it slow because he has an appointment in mid January to get a new cushion for his chair which we feel the old one is what caused all this stuff in the first place. 

I'm also glad to report that Dean is really glad to be home, and he's feeling really great.

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas!

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