Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Holiday Season has begun!

Hello everybody!  Glad to report that Dean has settled in and we had a very boring weekend together at HOME!  I was getting ready for Thanksgiving, and Jake was playing with all his toys and messing up the place after I cleaned it! :)

The weather on Saturday was crazy warm and beautiful!  Jake and I went outside to Play!

Jake flying his kite!  He's awesome!

And, of course a little scooter time!

I also got a chance to put up some Christmas Decorations!  I have a long term agreement with Dean that I will wait until after Thanksgiving to put our tree up, BUT, he agreed that I can put up my nutcrackers and my nativity scene.

I have 55 nutcrackers and counting.  Do I need more?  YES, do I want more?  YES!!!



All set up!

And, Jake put "Jacob the fisherman" and "Michael the angel" next to baby Jesus.
I do believe that is where they should go!

I also was able to get some of our yard decorations ready.  
We are going to have a GREAT Christmas Yard!!!

We have 4 of these reindeer.  We thought they were small, the box was small, but everything was tucked inside the body!  They are taller than Jake!

And, just a quick update on Dean.  He's doing great!  He's enjoying his time home and getting back to the normal swing of things.  He still has some recovery to do, but so far things have gone very well.  He will be up and rolling soon!  Please pray for continued healing and strength!

On that note...

May you all be thankful for everything you have this Thanksgiving.

Please pray for our service men and women serving away from their family's.  
Thank you for all you do for us.

Please think of everybody who has to spend the holidays in a hospital bed.  And pray that they have nurses and staff who care and take care of them properly and that they have visitors.

I am so thankful for friends and family for all the support I've had these last few months.

I am grateful Jake, my wonderful son, who really took care of me as well.
And to his courageous birth parents who I think of every day as I look into their faces every time I look at Jake. 

I am thankful that my awesome husband Dean was able to come home before the holidays and spend some much needed time with his family.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

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