Sunday, August 29, 2010

The week and stuff

Well, last week was the last week we had to do anything to do with Dean's Hospital Stay!  He came home Aug 17th and was put on a home IV for a total of 14 days.  This ended Friday 8/27, and the nurses came and removed the PICC line and we are glad to put the whole big huge mess behind us and move along!

Thursday we are going to our Adoption counceling meeting we had to reschedule.  We are so ready for this meeting!  And, looking forward to the next step in the adoptions process.  I almost have our birthmother book finished!  We are attending an all day seminar on the 9th, so that should be interesting!

And, this weekend was the first weekend with NO iv so we ran some errands Saturday and smoked some Ribs today, just for fun.  Didn't go too well, came out a bit salty, and we couldn't get the grill at the right temp, so right now we are still in more of the error side of trial and error when it comes to great BBQ. We have made it our mission to make ribs and brisket so good that we could enter a cook off if we want to!  We just have to practice!  Football season is gonna be great!  Cooking in the backyard while listening to football and playing with the dog, sounds like fun, yes?

Here's a couple layouts from my 365 project.

Have a great week!  I know I'm looking forward to a two short weeks in a row!  Have a great Labor Day!

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