Monday, August 9, 2010

What a WEEK!!!

Okay, so we had a really big thing happen Satuday.  Dean broke his leg!  I am right now in Memorial Herman hospital waiting while he's in surgery getting a rod placed in his left femur.  We got an update at 5:30ish and all was going well.  We checked in the emergency room on Satuday afternoon, were admitted that evening, then waited until Monday late afternoon for surgery.  There have been all kinds of stress with this, trying to get information from the nurses and the doctors.  We actually didn't see a single doctor until this morning once we started complaining about all the waiting and pushing back of surgery.  However, Dean's mom finally was able to get someone to pay attention and we got him taken care of.

UPDATE:  His surgery went well!  He got back to his room around 9ish.  Long, very long day!  Needing one more overnite stay, but will be back to normal soon!

So, we are waiting.  Hopefully we will be able to get him home tomorrow so we can get back to our everyday lives.  The recovery time for this surgery is relatively short and should be back to the grind in a few days.

Here are my feet (Nike's), with my mom's (silver flip flops) and my mother-in-law's (white sandles)!  This is while we are waiting in the OR waiting room.


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