Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip to the Zoo!!

One of our Neices turned Eight last week and wanted to have a family outing at the zoo, so we all headed to the Medical Center and enjoyed the day together at the Houston Zoo.  We spent the morning taking in all the animal sights (and smells!) and then had a picnic out by the lake and after lunch, some of the group went on paddle boats!  Fun was had by all!

Dean and Jake looking at the fishes

Jake and 7 of his cousins, Emily, Travis, Hannah, Natalie, Abbie, Ben, Sarah. Lilly Ann was napping in her stroler, so she's not pictured.

Me and Jake in front of the salt water tropical fish tank

Jake loving the lovely weather in his stroler

Doug & Stacy and their kids

Dean, Dayna, Nonnie and Jake in the stroler

Jake and Lilly Ann

Jake in Dads lap watching the paddle boats

Happy Birthday Abigail!  Hope you had a great time!  We did!


Nati Tristan said...

He's getting so big!

Enid said...

all the photos are great: Jake looks so contented