Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots can happen in Three Months!

Sure has been a busy three months!  I can't believe it went by so fast!  He is SUCH a cutie and such a joy, I have to share and share some more!

Apparenty he REALLY loves his Puppy Passy now.  Look how upset and then how content he is after he gets it back!
 aaaaaa, that's better

Three Months Old - March 15, 2011 
 He's getting bigger than Yoda!

Our little family!

I also want to say another family we know from our Adoption Agency, AIM, adopted a baby girl today!  She was born two days ago, so Happy Gotcha Day to Megan and Jason and Macey!!!

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Nati Tristan said...

We are adopting as well! I'm so happy you guys are so happy! As soon as this ovarian cancer stuff is over with me, we are resuming the process. I'm so happy that you guys are happy!