Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father's Day Weekend = AWESOME!!!

Wow, did we have a GREAT weekend!  We were busy Saturday and Sunday!  Great time was had by all!

Saturday, we headed to the Zoo!  They had a great New Lego exhibit!  They had several different animals built out of just Legos.  Really fun!

After seeing Lego Animals, we saw REAL animals!  The Tiger was swimming and as we walked up to see him, he JUMPED out of the water!  Jake is still talking about it!  I didn't get the picture, but the memory and him remembering it is just as good!

We also rode the carousel again.  Jake really likes the carousel!  He points it out and actually calls it a Carousel where you can understand him.

After that, we ventured into the water park.  Jake is now more of a OMG don't get my hair wet kind of mode, but he did enjoy himself.

We really like going to the zoo!  It's all wheelchair accessible, and it's fun to be outdoors.  It was FREAKIN HOT, but they have several "cool zones" around the park to get a bit of a break.  However, it cost us $45 to go, 3 admission tickets and 2 carousel tickets!  Why the carousel is additional is beyond me!  Especially since the zoo admission is so much!  Both of the grandparents always say at this point "Wow, it was FREE when we were kids!"  Well, it ain't no mo!  It is a bummer that it's that expensive.  At least you can bring your own lunch, which is what we always do!

Sunday, we had an AWESOME day going to the Astro's Game!  Jake loved it!  He did watch more of this game, and ate his weight in peanuts!  The boy loves peanuts!  He really enjoyed all the clapping and yelling and did so no matter who was yelling!  There were White Sox fans in front of us.  We left around the 6th inning which was good for us!  And, the Astros won 5 to 4! Way to go 'Stros!
Jake and his Daddy

Look!  We made a Mess!!!

After the awesome game, we again let him sleep on the way home (best parents EVER we are!!!) and drove to Nonnie and Papa's house to have Dean visit his dad on Father's Day.  It was a nice evening, we ordered Chinese Food (YUM!) and enjoyed the company.  We even had time to play with sidewalk chalk and the Audirsch Tractor.  Jake is such a Dude!

Dean and his Daddy

To top off a great weekend, the SPURS beat the HEAT!
I hope you and your family had a GREAT Father's Day Weekend to!

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