Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wheelchair Parts and other things... UPDATED!!

So, after 6 weeks with NO working wheelchair, and a Loaner that was not in good shape, we finally have come to the day that the parts are delivered AND will be installed today!  Let's hope all goes well with the new parts and that the rest of the chair is still in working order!!!

I will update later to let everybody know if it worked!!!


The chair repair guy came out yesterday and was worrying me since he couldn't really get to the part of the chair since it's tightly packed.  BUT, he managed to do it.  He unplugged all the non-working parts, and plugged in the new parts, AND IT WORKED!!!
Wheelchair guy working on the chair

YEY!!!  Dean was finally able to get in his working wheelchair!

When I brought the "loaner" out, the tech laughed "Oh, you have the Quantum!" (brand of chair).  "I see why he didn't use it!"  Okay!  Truly a loaner chair!

Then, later that afternoon, we were able to ALL go out to eat!  We enjoyed a nice Pizza at Wise Guys Pizza in Kingwood.  My nephew, Michael, works there, but he was off that evening.  Go!  It's good!

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