Monday, July 1, 2013

June FUN Weekend!

Well, I sure hope all y'all kept cool this weekend!  We had a busy busy weekend full of FUN FUN FUN!  And, I hope everybody drank lots of water on the record breaking Saturday heat of a recorded temp of 107 degrees!  I wonder what they recorded as the heat index?  All I know is it felt like a high powered heater was blowing super hot air on us downtown this weekend.  YIKES!

Anyway, like I said, it was a fun filled INDOOR ACTIVITY weekend!

Friday, Dean went out with some friends, so I took Jake to Chuck E. Cheese!  We had a GREAT Time!  He enjoyed the games more this time, and it looked like he knew what he was doing!  We again won the 20 free tickets a we came in the door, and by the end of the night ($10 of tokens later) we had 113 tickets!!!  Way to go Jake!  However, when we went to go pick out a "prize" the one he wanted was (yup, you guessed it) 125 tickets!

Well, Mama is GOOD at SKEEBALL, so we got $2 more of tokens and went to town!  Jake would throw/roll the ball up the ramp, but it wouldn't go all the way, and while he was getting a new one, I would catch and re-throw the one he already did and score!  We ended up with 25 or so more tickets, and a LITTLE green inflatable guitar!  Yep, mama is good!


Chillin' with Stewart Little!

That's RIGHT!  Mama won you that guitar!

Then, Saturday, Dean and I went out on an afternoon Date to The Flying Saucer and to the Astro's game!  It was SO HOT (remember, 107!!) we decided to park and pay twice instead of parking at the ballpark and walking to the Saucer.  Dean FINALLY joined the UFO club!  And, we enjoyed the ever so yummy soft pretzels with cream cheese and queso dip!

Dean showing off his cool Beerknerd shirt!

MMMMMM BEER!  Guess which one's mine??? 
(for the record, Dean's was BETTER!  That crazy dark beer is soooooo good!)

And, then we headed to the ball game!

Interesting game!  We were there, Dean's brother David was there, a friend from college was also there, and Dean's cousin was there too!  All different seats of course!  Small world here in Houston!  The Astro's lost 2 to 7.  Oh well.  We did have fun!  Dean even had some cotton candy!
Guess what color!  :)

Then, on Sunday, I had yet another adventure with Jake!  One of Jake's friends had her birthday at the ZOO!  So, we packed lots of water and spent the afternoon at the zoo in an A/C pavilion!  They offered free face painting, so naturally Jake got Spiderman!  But, only because 2 other little boys did

yes, it's a tiger, but HE said it was a lion, so...


The little boy with the spiderman shirt tarted the trend.  AWESOME!

On the carousal - he LOVES that thing! 

So, now we are getting ready for a big adventure to the RANCH for the 4th of July holiday! 
I hope you had a great weekend too!  And, Happy 4th of July!

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Louisa Key said...

I am so happy for you and Dean. Jake is such an awesome and blessed little boy. :0)