Friday, May 31, 2013

Disney Cruise Day 8 - One more day

Well, what do you do when your wheelchair gets wet trying to get a bite of Key Lime Pie??  You watch movies all day!  :)  That's right!  The wheelchair no-workie!

We had an engineer from the ship come take a look, but since it was all in the computer board in the joy stick, he couldn't do anything.  We thought it was funny, he came down with his tool belt, and a can of WD-40!  HA!  We turned it on and for a split second it WORKED!  It even moved!  So, to test it, we turned it off then on again, it looked good.  After about 10 seconds, the screen faded and it wouldn't turn on at all.  sigh.

So, what to do now?  Good thing we have that TV full of movies we had not seen!  We saw Pitch Perfect, which was a cute movie!  Very enjoyable.  We now know why The Hobbit didn't do all that well in the theaters (ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ), we saw The Amazing Spiderman.  It was good, but seriously, how many times do we have to be told the ENTIRE story of how Peter Parker became Spiderman?  WE KNOW he got bitten by a spider!  We KNOW his uncle died.  C'mon!  But, it was good.  We also saw Hotel Transylvania, which was funny and charming all at the same time!

And, thank goodness for Dramamine!  Jake was on it all day just in case.  The boat was really rocking the entire day!  Really bad!  I felt it pretty good while standing, but not so much sitting or laying down.

Also, we didn't miss much hanging in our rooms.  I think everybody on the ship was ready to be home, as not too many people were out and about.  When I did go out (for food and shopping, yes, more shopping), it was windy, cold, and raining or cloudy!  A good day to stay inside actually.  I do wish we could have seen Iron Man 3 or The Great and Powerful Oz, as they were showing them for free in the theaters on board. But, it gave us a chance to pack, which was more difficult than I thought it was going to be as we had to have all our luggage we didn't want to carry out with us outside our room by 8 pm.  That's a lot of careful planning since our medical supplies are always packed!  We managed to do it pretty good and didn't forget anything (thank goodness)!
the day looked a lot like this most of the day!  Rough Seas!

My parents took Jake for dinner again, and OMG, they were having Beef Wellington!  And, I was going to miss it!  WAAAAAA!  Oh, that's right!  We had the best servers EVER and my parents had our dinner sent to us again!  It was SOOOO GOOD!  I will be having that again!  We also drank some wine we brought on board from my Wine of the Month Club.  It was really good.
Jake showing Queenie and Alfredo how to play his guitar

When we arrived in Galveston the next morning, than goodness the water was calm! The only thing we could do to get Dean out is to get him in the chair and push him.  This sounds harder than it is, but pushing 500 lbs of cool dude and wheelchair is not easy.  We also had his big patient lift, which was also hard to get moving with that many people all trying to get off at the same time.

We had to be out of our room by 8:30, but we actually made it down to the restaurant at 7:45, and had a few bites of breakfast.  Then we waited in the last line of the trip, getting off the boat.  It was actually quite smooth, and we were in our cars by 9, and home by 10:30 am!  Not bad!

 Let's just say I have an AWESOME son!  He helped me push the lift all the way to the terminal, thru ramps and doors and even elevators.  Such a big helper!

So, to sum up the trip, it went from GREAT, to Good, to um uh oh, to wow, that's no good, to OMG What the?, to tragedy!  All in all a great trip!  And, just so you know, 8 days is a really long time, especially with only 3 ports to visit.  I also think 1 day in WDW is so not enough!  We are already planning our WDW vacation!  And, I would LOVE to see more of Key West, minus the hurricane winds and rains.

If you are wondering, We do have a "loaner" wheelchair but it is just as you would expect a "loaner" to be, as Dean's wheelchair is still not working (4 weeks now).  We had to have a wheelchair guy come out and say, yes, it's broken.  Then he had to submit the parts order, the wheelchair company had to submit to insurance, they had to wait 2 weeks for our non-responsive doctor to call (we had to make calls to get them to approve), and now we are waiting for insurance approval, which was submitted on the 24th, a week after they had approval from the doctor. However, we actually got a call TODAY (5/31) that the parts were approved and the PO will be submitted Monday.

Pray for speedy delivery!

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