Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Long wait again

Hurry Up and Wait
Even though the wait wasn't nearly as long as last time, Dean's schedule surgery at 3 pm wasn't until 6 pm. The surgeon had a scheduled 4 hour procedure prior to Dean's so why they schedule things like this is just crazy.

Anyway Dr D. got to pre-op around 6 and Dean went back about 6:30 pm.  Waiting is nerve wracking.  He said it may be less than an hour then recovery then admitted to Memorial Hermann again.  Not sure if this one will be longer than a few days. We shall see. Let's hope and pray it will take less than 8 weeks for him to get better and come home finally.

We are really hoping for 4 weeks still in the hospital.  This should be when his blood levels go normal and healing will be well on the way. It may take a little more time after that,but we will be happy to have him home!

Surgery went well
Well, surgery went ok. The surgeon is hopeful things will heal up better this time. But, I've been waiting for an hour and a half not in a waiting room but in chairs by an elevator bank in the Children's hospital where there is no desk or reception area or even a way to contact the recovery area. This process is absurd! The day surgery waiting area should remain open until all day surgeries are over so family members can have a little peace of mind and have a way to know what the heck is going on.  In the day surgery waiting area, they have monitors telling you the status of the surgery, and have a reception desk for any questions.  I've been in there twice now and neither time I was able to have the status update screens.  

It's really horrible.  Very frustrating.

I was finally told around 9 pm that Dean was being admitted and the room number.  When I get there I actually get to his room before he does. He is only a few minutes behind. The transfer person told me to stand in the corner and I quote "you will have plenty of time to see him" I wanted to shout that is sooooo not the point. Then she walked out and asked the desk for help with transfer and waked off.  Like I'm going to not come out there to say Hi to my husband after surgery where I haven't seen him in 3 hours. Then when I do say hi to him, the transport person and a tech try to get me away from him. I was crying at this point and said "I just  want to say HI to my husband!" They finally back off holding their hands up.  I must have looked like I was about to pounce, they actually looked scared. They should be ashamed of themselves, telling me to move and get out of the way.  Who the HECK do they think they are?  It's really frustrating dealing with nursing staff who are so programmed and used to family members not knowing how to care for the patient.  After about a few times Dean telling they what to do, and about 10 times of me showing them how to do things, they finally get it that we know what we are doing.

Dean was also able to get his "easy touch" call light and tv channel changer, but when they change it out, you can't control the volume, so I unplug it, plug in the regular call/tv remote, turn the volume down and try to plug the easy touch back in, but I bent a post and it wouldn't go in.  They called the maintenance guy, but by the time he got there I managed to straighten out the post and it was fine. :)

I did stay the night with Dean, which is always interesting.  He needs attention every 2 hours, so neither of us got much sleep.  

We woke up early, about 5ish, to get things started.  I did manage to find the coffee machine and had 2 cups before I left at 7:30.  Thank goodness the food is about a million times better!  I was able to help him with breakfast and headed home.


I would like to thank Andy and Melissa Audirsch for taking care of Jake through all this.  Thanks for picking up Jake, taking him out to dinner for Uncle David's Birthday, having him stay at your lovely home, and taking him to daycare this morning.  We really appreciate your help!

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