Monday, October 6, 2014

Finally Fall

Here is the latest on Dean...
Okay, so the move was probably the best thing that's happened since he's been in the hospital.  Since he has moved to the 3rd floor away from the awful 4th floor clique, things have improved so much that he's now comfortable and ready to get this surgery and get to healing and come home!  Things were looking pretty bad as we just assumed the whole hospital was like this.  It's amazing that such absolute disregard for humans is going on in that place when the rest of the hospital is running quite well. Dean said he calculated he had approximately 75+ different people either his nurse or CNA while on the 4th floor.  He would go weeks at a time with at least 1 new person every shift.  That means at the beginning of every 12 hours shift he had to tell them what was going on, how to help him, and what to do and what not to do, which of course most of them would not listen, and didn't have time for him anyway.

Dean's next surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct 7th.  He is going to have it at Memorial Herman with the same surgeon who did it at Methodist. The location change is because of surgery room availability and scheduling, as everybody wanted to get it in as soon as possible.  His follow up surgery is scheduled for Oct 14th, again at Memorial Hermann.  We have been told that he will come back to Kindred for the time between the surgeries and after the follow up surgery, but then we have also been told he might stay at Mem. Herm. for the week and a few days after the followup (about 9 days).  We are assuming the last thing we heard (which was to stay in Kindred) is what will happen.  I'll be sure to keep everybody updated.

On Saturday, after the first half of the Aggie game (see below, ug!), Jake and I went to Old McDonald's Farm in Humble.  It was a really nice day and Jake had a lot of fun.  He did have a little fall though.  He was swinging in the big boy swings (not the baby ones where he can't fall out) and was going quite well!  Then he discovered he can drag his feet in the sand.  He hit the sand too hard and well, fell FLAT on his FACE and busted his lip.  While he was crying he told me "I didn't want to go that fast!"  It was sad, but we cleaned up and found the sand so all was well.  He loves playing in the sand and dirt, and climbed up the big dirt hill and proclaimed "I'M THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!".  Yep, I was a proud mommy!

After we fed the animals, played in the Hay, rode iPony (yeah, we joined the city kids and rode a pony around a circle even though he can do that on a big giant horse named Pee Wee for as long as he wants), and took a train ride, we did get to go pick out a pumpkin!  Kids get one free for coming, and they have all sizes of small little itty bitty ones to nice kid size ones (about the size of a soccer ball).  He first picked an itty bitty one, and I said, Jake, get a bigger one!  So, naturally he went for the GIANT ones they had for the picture spots.  I did eventually had to pick one of the soccer ball sized ones, and he was quite happy with it.

Going up and MADE IT!

Yes, sand is fun!

Before Falling. :)  He actually loved it, but the fall took all the fun out of it.

Yep!  Hay to play in! :)  best kind, that's my boy!

Train Ride!

Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea?
Sponge Jake Square Pants!
(when I said that, Jake yelled at me "That's NOT how it goes!")

We got to spend a nice Sunday with Dean while watching the Texans game, and Nonnie and Papa came up to watch with us.  Then the strangest thing happened!  We had not planned on being there thru dinner, but ended up there, and we all actually ate the Hospital food!  On a rare occasion, both lunch and dinner were pretty good.  Was a nice change! :)

Of course the bad news from this weekend was the unfortunate losses we suffered.  Of course I'm talking about Football!!!  The Aggies were beaten, in our opinion not only by Mississippi State, but also the officials as well. There were several bad spots and calls that should not have happened.  I mean, we did loose (missed passes, turnovers), and we did try to do another miraculous comeback, but fell short.  I'm happy with our ranking of 14, seems fair to me.  HOWEVER since #2, #3, and #6 from last weeks ranking all lost it's so totally ANYBODY's GAME!!  We can STILL do this!  Not with dropped passes, but still, we can do this!  And, I just have to say, I LIKED the #IcedDown uniforms they wore.  They were cooooool as ICE!!

And, the Texans lost a heart breaker, and in overtime!  Seriously!  OT loss?  Not fun.

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