Thursday, October 30, 2014

Something we have been waiting for

So, the last week since his 2nd surgery has been slow going, and not much has been reported to us from any doctors as they do not come by for much these days.  We knew that after the 2nd surgery, some time would need to pass before we heard anything back, so we have been just waiting, and waiting.

Yesterday Jake and I got a chance to go see Dean for the evening.  We had a really nice visit, and the best part.  I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.  Some GOOD NEWS!

His ID doctor (internal disease) Dr. Z came in while we were there.  He asked how Dean was doing, and it's the same, staff changing out every shift, food is horrible, nurses making mistakes.  This time a nurse went to hook up his antibiotics IV, but connected an EMPTY bag that he had earlier instead of the NEW bag, and claiming she had a "Blond moment" duh!  Then, leaving the empty IV bag on the table where Jake picked it up "What's this mommy?" and getting antibiotics all over him, and when I took it from him, it got all over me.  And, I'm sure she didn't put her HUGE mistake in her notes!


Anyway, the good news.  Dr Z told us his "numbers" (the ones that show how his infection is doing) have GONE DOWN really well, and he's back on track for getting better!  This is a small step but one we have not made since the big step back September!  We also heard a little bit about what his surgery spot is doing, and it looks like its healing okay.  We are waiting to see Dr. M (wound care) to know exactly how well it is healing.

Other Weekend happenings
I took Jake to Zuma Fun Center in South Houston, it's only 15 minutes from the hospital, but 45 minutes from home.  We enjoyed Putt-Putt golf, video games and winning 81 tickets, and Jake's first ride on a go cart!  He liked it, but he thought they were too loud and covered his ears, and made me go slower "TOO FAST MOMMY!".  Other than the teenage girl who kept running into us, but she apparently was running into everybody, it was fun!

Watch out Tiger Woods!


He did really well, but he ended up kicking or picking up the ball and putting it in the hole, but he got the concept pretty fast and liked that we had several holes to play.  He even understood he had to go look to see where the hole was before "teeing off" 

Okay, here's a look at the menu Dean had to choose from this weekend...

just so you know, it's pretty much all yuck!

Also, we decided that while Dean is in the Hospital we are going to repaint our bedroom
We are going with a light gray and a medium gray accent wall that will be a collage of pictures of the family and other pictures I've taken.  we are also going to get a new furniture and a new Sleep Number bed.  

Jake is helping!  See his excellent job taping the door?

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