Sunday, July 14, 2013

A quick trip home

Yesterday, we did something I haven't done in forever!  We loaded up in the car and headed to my Home Town of Sealy, Texas and enjoyed the Sealybration!  When I was growing up, it was a small festival with booths, games and fun at the "JC Park".  I remember proudly wearing my American Flag shorts while I played the Star Spangled Banner for the Flag ceremony just after my Senior Year in High School!  I also participated in the 5k a few times.  However, I had not been back since I was 18 years old!

That's the great thing about facebook and liking the Sealy News page so I can keep up with what's going on.  I saw them post (and several other Sealy People) the flyer for the Sealybration and thought, HEY, let's go!  I had not taken my boy to see my hometown, so it was fun!

It was now held at the little league fields, and WOW have those improved!  (OLD MOMENT!!) I remember when it was just 2 fields, the boys field and the girls field and the concession stand was behind the boys field!  While growing up on those fields, a new concession stand was built by the girls field, and two more fields were built as well a some soccer fields.  By the time I had "aged out" of softball (since Sealy didn't have a softball team at the time, which really breaks my heart as I was REALLY good!) I was working that concession stand with my mother, and doing a little coaching and some umpiring (which I will NEVER DO AGAIN!  HATED IT!).

So, when we went back, the field where I would always play was open and I had Jake go run the bases!  The trees there are now HUGE and offer great shade!  These were not there when I was sweating it out for the summer having watermelon fights with the All Stars!  Go Cruzers!

making his way to 1st base

Put my foot where?  I wanna steal 2nd!

Here I am!  On 1st Base!


on the way to 2nd, wow, that's far for a 2yr old!

That's right!  I made it HOME!  
He did skip 3rd base and made the run from 2nd to the pitcher's mound, then jumped on home plate.  

That's my boy!

I wish it was not so hot yesterday as we would have stayed longer, but wow it was H.O.T!  We ended up leaving after lunch.  Next year we will try to come in the evening, maybe when it cools down, ya know to around 99 instead of 110!

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