Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vinny, you've been good, but it's time

So, as you may have heard or already know, Vinny (short for Vincent Van Go our 14 year old minivan) had decided he no longer wants to work.  Dean and a friend tried to go to the movies last week, but something started to rattle and clank so loud they decided they needed to come home instead of trying to drive it home at midnight and have it break down.

So, we get the idea to drive it to the car shop just outside our neighborhood since it's pretty close, and have them "SEE" what's wrong.  We discovered when we turn the AC off, it would stop the noise!  So, we tell them that, and to NOT FIX IT FIRST, to LET US KNOW how much and the like.  Well, it turns out it was a loose fly wheel, but they FIXED THE AC anyway and charged us $230 for it when we asked them not to.  They also tightened the fly wheel, but to no avail.  So, after a total bill of $350, the van still sounds clanky and well, we have decided it's time to retire Vinny.

So, what will we do?  Get another Van? NO!  Get a truck?  Time will tell!


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