Thursday, July 25, 2013

He works hard for the money!!!

So, this was a busy, fun weekend (AGAIN!  We are having so much fun with our little guy!)  How can so much fun be in 2 days?  Woo Hoo!

Saturday, we did two things.  One for Mommy, the other for Daddy and Jake.  My lovely niece, Linda Jean, is getting married next year, and the bridal extravaganza was this weekend!  And, since everybody I usually ask to baby sit Jake was going as well, I decided to take him with me!  Nonnie, Jake, and I packed into BB (my awesome Black Beauty Jeep) and headed downtown to the girly part of the day.

We were doing well, until he got hungry, so Nonnie and I took Jake to get some overpriced food.  BBQ Sandwiches of that quality should not cost $8!  Just sayin!  He was upset with me because I took his Cheetos out of the bag and put them on his plate.  He said NO MOMMY!  and put each and every one back in the bag, then started eating them.  So, I decided we had had enough so after eating (or only eating Cheetos) we found LJ and her crew.  They only had 2 more aisles left so we decided to go ahead and stay a bit longer.  SOOOOOOO glad we did!  As I am talking to LJ about wedding dresses, her friend Amanda took Jake to the DJ booth.  I started hearing cheering and looked over to see Jake on the dance floor imitating EVERY MOVE another man was doing!  And, a crowd was starting to form, and the guy left, then he was there all by himself "Gettin' Jiggy With It!"  and of course "WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE!!!"  The crowd grew and grew and cheers all around, he just kept on dancing!  Then, I spot a mother trying to tell her little girl to go on the dance floor and join him, but she wouldn't.  So, I told Jake to go over there and give her a hug, and HE DID!!!  The crowd again went CRAZY!  The DJ loved it so much he told LJ if we book with him AND Jake comes, he will give us a 20% discount!  Way to work your money maker Jake!
The whole gang!

Linda Jean NOT falling for the sales pitch! :) good girl!

Jake enjoying the string quartet playing Lady Ga Ga songs

Yep, that's my Jake, getting down!


After doing all this girly stuff, we came home around 2pm, and after ALL that dancing and walking and running, he napped for a good 2 hours! Then it started to rain.  So, we decided to wait it out a little bit, and then take the boy to CHUCK E. CHEESE!  Since, that's about the only thing he talks about "I go to CHUCKY CHEESE!"  We have even resorted to calling it "Charles Cheddar" so he doesn't know what we are talking about.  We went and only to $5 of tokens, but he had fun showing his Daddy how awesome he is at the games, and dancing to the singing Chuck, and riding all the cool rides.  We had just enough tickets for a little slinky and some stickers, and he was happy!  We then went to the Brick House so Daddy could enjoy some real beer.  Their prime rib sandwich is just about the best thing on the menu.  YUM!
fun at Chuck E. Cheese!

Just a crusin!

Playing "Rocket Ship" with Daddy at the Brick House

Sunday, we went grocery shopping in the morning.  So fun.  At least it was HEB and he rode in the "car" buggy.  Then, the Astros were in town, so we again load up Vincent (our van, Vincent Van Go - get it?) as he's still limping along, and go downtown for the Astros game.  Jake actually fell asleep on the way, and continued to sleep riding on Daddy through the parking lot, along the streets of Downtown, and into the stadium, all the way to our seats.  After about 10 minutes the crowd started clapping which woke him up and he just started clapping!  He was so excited to be at the game!  After about the 3rd inning (after the Mariners scored 7 runs in the 2nd) we took Jake to the Astro's buddy booth to get his "game trinkets".  The lady gave him a cute orbit bracelet and asked if this was his first game!  We said no, just the first time we remembered to bring the badge!  She smiled and gave him a hat too!  Good thing, as Jake dropped the bracelet and lost it, so we only have the hat.  I don't think he remembers anyway.  :)  We left at the 6th inning (score was 10 to 0) and let him run around outside the stadium where the statues of Biggo and Bagwell are.  He liked it!
Jake Sleeping at the game.  He did wake up soon after, clapping!

Jake and Daddy in front of Biggio's wall in Home Run Alley

Go Astros!

Bagwell Statue

Here's Our Brick!

Then, we went home, and I cooked some of those pre-seasoned HEB Fajitas!  They were DELICIOUS and so very tender!  Even Jake loved them and ate everything on his plate!  To quote Jake "I Like Tortillas!" and he does! :)


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