Monday, September 29, 2014

Here We Go Again

So, Dean met with his surgeon on Friday and he did recommend and schedule another surgery. He will have his surgery at Memorial Herman on October 7th and have a follow up on October 14th. It will be the same surgery as last time, go in, clean up, put in antibiotic beads for a week then remove them and plastic surgery (if needed) to stitch up and then get to healing.  We do expect him to be at Kindred for about 6 to 8 weeks after the 14th. We are not sure if it heals faster than that he may go home earlier than 8 weeks.

Dean feels okay about this 2nd surgery.  We could postpone it but we feel it's better to get this done now.  We now know what to expect but the bad part is his extended stay at Kindred.   HOWEVER since his move to the 3rd floor he is being taken care of now.  We heard from a few of the staff that there is a group on the 4th floor that do not work on different floors like the rest of the hospital's nursing/CNA staff. Apparently because they do not get along with anybody else. Sort of a clique that do not work well with others and love to say "that's not my job" if you know what I mean.  So we are wondering if it was just REALLY unlucky that he was placed on the 4th floor and the rest of the floors are different.  We have been wondering how the hospital is running with as much neglect he was dealing with, but if it was isolated on the 4th floor it makes more sense.  I'll be sure to let everyone know if his good care over the weekend continues.

In other news...
I went to a lovely luncheon on Saturday for my lovely niece Linda. She is getting married in 2 weeks and we could not be happier or more proud of her! She and her future husband Brendan, are really wonderful people and they were lucky enough to find each other.  I offer up best wishes for her and I know they will live happily ever after!

Jake stayed with our good friend Louisa and her family. Jake had a lot of kids to play with but I'm afraid he's still weary about staying new places without me.  He was fine I know and I thank Ms. Louisa and her girls and Bubba for having him over.  We always have so much fun with them!

I also listened to a very disappointing (at the time) Aggie game on the way home from this luncheon.  By the time I got home the Aggies were 1 touchdown behind. Then it was a blur of yelling and jumping up and down for the most AWESOME COMEBACK WIN EVER!!!! WHOOP!!! And what a great fast score followed by some awesome defense in OT! Way to get it done, Ags!

Super Marvel Sunday!!!!
As stated in my last post, Spider-man and Captain America were at the zoo! Jake and I got to the zoo at 11 which was packed in the parking lot!  Then the line to the meet and greet was long but that's why we're there. So we got in line.  An hour later we get in the building only to discover there was an even longer switchback line. We waited inside for an hour and a half INSIDE. But at least it was air conditioned.   We did get a great picture, so that was all worth it!

Spider-man and Captain America!  They were really great!

And the Texans had a come from behind win too!!! FREE SLUSHIES!!!

After the game, Dean had a nice surprise guest!  His mom AND his Dad came to visit!  Dean had not seen Durwood in person since before his surgery and before Durwood's accident.  Durwood was doing really great Dean was so happy to see him again!  We also were able to share our dinner I brought up since I had so much, and had dinner together.

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