Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Well, this holiday was fun.  Getting Free candy (after buying more candy than we gave out) door to door is really great fun!  Jake is finally at the age where he knows what the holidays mean and what to expect, so he was really excited to be Captain America!  And, he brags to everybody he sees about it too!

Dean is doing well, we are going week to week at this point as we don't get results or any discussions with doctors but once a week anyway.  He has a follow up I believe this Friday.  I sure hope we have good news for the weekend.  We are praying he is home before Thanksgiving!

I just want to add that this was my first Halloween in many, many years that I didn't have a black cat.  Since we lost Pixel in May, I knew this holiday would make me a little sad.  He was my very special Halloween cat and as Jake puts it, he lives in my heart!

Jake got to wear his costume to school ALL DAY so he had fun and pretty much ate candy from the time he got up in the morning to the time he went to bed that night!

Captain America!!!  YEAH!  He gets the BAD GUYS and Has a SHIELD!

At school, one of his friends was dress quite like he was!
How cute are these two?!?

Let the fun night BEGIN!!!

Our neighbors across the street had Thriller playing.  Jake walked up to their house like a Robot Zombie, it was AWESOME!

First House!

Over Achievers! 

Under Achievers!  

This was actually quite common this Halloween.  We would go up to a highly decorated house and find a big bucket of candy waiting.  I'm assuming it was that the family was out Trick or Treating as well.  I hope it wasn't laziness. :)

So we went down our street, up and down another, and then tried one more street.  Half way through the 3rd street, Jake decided, he was finished.  So we headed home.  He did say OH, mommy, One More a few times.  And we would go to that house too.  His bucket was pretty full anyway.


We were also able to enjoy a friend of mine's son's wedding reception this weekend.  It was a formal Indian Wedding Reception and a ROCKIN PARTY!  Wow! That was a lot of fun!

A friend of mine got him this traditional Indian suit to wear for some pictures over a year ago. He finally got to wear it out!

The food was delicious, but OMG SPICY!

Jake dancing his way into everybody's hearts! :)

I hope all of you had a very safe and FUN Halloween!

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