Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training

So, last weekend we went out and bought the Big Boy Undies!  Tighty Whities!  joy! Don't knock them yet, they are all white and easy to clean/bleach, so we thought they would be the best option.  They had a nice little 6 pack, all white with baseballs, footballs, soccer balls around the band.  SO CUTE!

He did really well the first day!  Since we were going every hour, the morning went on with no accident!  We started thinking "wow, this is EASY!"  Then, at nap time, we did put a diaper on him, and he napped well (sorta) and then after that, we had 2 accidents in a row.  :(  Okay, maybe not so easy.

The next day didn't go as well as the first, an early accident before lunch, and 2 more after.  Oh well, maybe next weekend will be better.  He continued to use diapers at day care as we felt he wasn't quite ready.

Now, for our second weekend, we are so proud of our little man! He's trying pretty hard and he's doing ok, but we still have not had a "Mommy, I gotta go Tee Tee" yet.  We just take him every hour on the hour, and had NO accidents at all on Saturday, and only 1 on Sunday, but that was just because he busted his lip rough housing with me.  Hit his lip directly on my tooth!  Poor baby!

He did so good we are going to try to see if he can go to school in Big Boy Undies today!  We sure hope he does ask when he needs to go!  However, this morning, he said he had to go, we ran to the potty and he refused to go.  And, a few minutes later, he's playing with his toys, and I here "I DID IT!"  I said "what did you do?"  He said plain as day "I go Tee Tee!" :)  Well, there ya go!  We changed and decided to go to school in big boy undies anyway, and told them to try every hour.  Here's hopin!

Yey!  Potty training is fun! :)

OH, and this weekend, he found a "baby toy", a small rattle toy that Nonnie got him when he was an infant.  He picked it up, gave it a shake, and said "This is a baby toy!"  This morning, he picked it up again and said it again, and I asked if he wanted to take it to school and give it to a baby.  He said YES, so we did!  He gave it to the lady at the front desk and she promised to give it to the baby room!  SUCH a sweet little boy!
Jake with his "Baby toy" ready to give it to the baby room at day care!

Have a great day!

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