Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pinterest WIN!!!

Okay, so Dean and I have been trying to plan our meals better to make grocery shopping easier, and its a way for him to help me for our busy schedules.  So, this week, I wanted to try something different.  When I usually want something different, it's usually pork.  We eat a lot of ground beef (tacos, spaghetti), steak, and OMG a ton of Chicken, as well as pizza (cause the boy likes Pizza!).  So, Pork is different for us.

When I do buy pork, it's usually either pork chops (duh!) or a pork loin/roast and I do the crock pot thing.  I wanted to do something REALLY different this time, so I found a pinterest idea for a pork loin wrapped in bacon and roasted for 40 min or so.  YUM!

Pinterest Link Here

Looks Good, YES!  Very simple, marinate (or buy already marinated) pork loin, wrap in bacon, and roast at 375 until internal temp reaches 165.  Hey, I CAN DO THAT!

So, I bought a pork loin, followed instructions, and this is what it looked like before roasting

And, I did make a minor mistake.  I put the pork roast on top of the bacon, instead of just the ends and wrapping the top with the longest pieces.  And, we bought cheap bacon, so it was mostly FAT.  I also could not find my wire rack for my pan, so all the fat rendered from the bacon needed to be poured out half way through the cooking.  It also took longer than 40 minutes.  It took about an hour, but I think it was because it was a bigger roast.

So, this is how it turned out...
The bacon all unwrapped from the top. 
 It's not tight and pretty like the one on Pinterest.

HOWEVER, even though it did not look picture perfect, it was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and oh so tender!!!  Wow!  Even Dean said it was restaurant quality!  :)  Jake didn't eat much of it, but that's ok.  He ate all his rice and peas and a few bites of pork.

And, since this pork roast is big, and we are only three people, I was able to make a "Round 2" recipe I found on Food Network for a Open Faced Roasted Pork Sandwich!

Open Faced Roasted Pork Sandwich
with Cole Slaw
I didn't follow this one, but I was inspired by it.

I took some sour dough bread slices, lightly veggie oiled them and grilled the on my grill pan.  Then, I chopped up a potato (kinda small) and onion and boiled them with a lot of salt and a little pepper.  Then, chopped the pork roast (bacon and all) and mixed it all together, then topped the bread, then topped with cheese and threw them in the broiler until the cheese melted.  No mustard, mayo or dressing, just the salty sweet pork and potatoes!

Again, Dean complimented me by saying this was BETTER than anything we could get at a restaurant, it tastes like it's from Panera!  I had to agree, it was AWESOME and very hearty.  SCORE!!!  Even Jake liked it this time!  Well, he thought he was eating potatoes, but he din't like the cole slaw.

Cannot WAIT to try more Pinterest Food Ideas!  I pin so many I forget to look sometimes.  And, most of the time, those ideas just don't work out.  But this one was a HUGE success!

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