Friday, August 16, 2013

Potty Training - wow, really?

Okay, so I did post about our potty training adventures a couple of weeks ago.  I'm happy to report that Jake has done so WELL since then!

I did send him to school in BBU (big boy undies) the week of the 5th, and everyday he would come home with his change of shorts and a diaper.  Then, I went to my retreat (8/9 to 8/11) and I'm not sure what happened, or why, but he stayed DRY all weekend!  I sent him to school this week, and well, DRY EVERYDAY!!!  He always asks to go and, as he did this morning, if I'm not there he will go ahead and do it all himself, even put the training seat on and sit to go (if you know what I mean)!   He's even staying dry at school and not needing his change of clothes!

What's funny about all this, I've prepared myself to have to clean up the messes, but I have not had to use them except that one time, for Jake that is.  Wednesday 8/14 the power went out and it started REALLY raining so we had Buddy in.  Well, BUDDY Decides that he has to go all over the red chair in the living room!  WHAT???  We get the boy potty trained and the DOG goes on the floor??  A dog who NEVER does that???  And, with the POWER OUT!!!  Power did come back after about an hour and a half, thank goodness.

So, we shall see how this weekend goes!  Going out to buy more BBU for him!  So proud of our little man, he's growing up so fast!
These were a "potty" toy! 
They toys really helped him to want to go.
M&Ms however did not, he knew he would get them, but he didn't care.
The toys are what did it for Jake!

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