Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The official name of the Truck is...

So, after much discussion of what to name this manly truck we now have, we have come up with a perfect name!  I actually suggested this name when we were first looking at trucks.  Then, our nephew, Andy, suggested the name again on Facebook!

And the name of the truck is...

Our truck may not Transform into an AWESOME ROBOT with GREAT FIREPOWER, but the name fits.  Check this out, this is from Wikipedia, so you never know what's completely true, but this is another reason the name fits so well.  
According to the original creator of the Transformers names, Bob Budiansky, Ironhide was named after the television series Ironside. 
If you don't know, Ironside was a 60s and 70s TV show about a police detective in a wheelchair.  NBC is doing a remake this fall staring Blair Underwood.  We shall give it a try!


We are SO going to get one of these!

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